Do you have a “regular job”

Hi Heather
I get email from you all the time as well from many others claiming they can help me to make some money online. I am interested in learning but don’t want to spend any money if I am not going to make any. Also I want to know all it that is needed to start. Most I have seen have upsales even before you finish buying the product that is suppose to make you some money. How long have you been making money online and is it enough that you don’t have to work a regular job? Hope to hear from you soon.

Sincerely, Bennie

Dear Bennie,

It took me 14 months to not have to work a “regular” job but I have 2 mortgages and 3 cars (my monthly expenses are high) I would sit down and ask yourself how much do I need to be comfortable and then double that number.

I say double not to be a bitch, but due to life experience. When you don’t have money its easy to think an unrealistically small amount will change everything as you earn more and more you start to wake up and learn what it takes to be truly comfortable.

What I like about the video link I am attaching is its about removing stress from your life! Join me and sign up for Empower and start filling up your bank account. It’s hands down the single best program out there today. It’s EASY!


I will give you plenty of help getting started.

xoxo Heather